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RSI microarray plates specification sheet - Click Here

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The Bionetic microarray plates come in two standard formats: 96- and 384 well. Our microarray plates are designed for use with the ResoSens bioassay system to provide a label-free approach for cell-based or biochemical tests.

The plates are made from disposable plastics and can be activated using standard immunoassay surface chemistries. The plates are available untreated (bare TiO2 surface) or pre-activated with typical attachment surfaces.

Key applications include: protein interaction monitoring, cell-based assays, protein-small molecule binding and many others.


  • No secondary antibodies or chemical labels required for readout
  • Minimum sample sizes (~10 ml for a 384-well plate)
  • Available pre-coated with standard (or custom) surface chemistries
  • Bare plates (TiO2) are available with recommended protocols
  • Multiplexed arrays (within each well) and custom microarray plates also available
  • Affordable custom assay kits and reagents are available – contact us for more information


We will help you transition your assays to our label-free instrument.  Contact us to speak with our assay development team.

click to download: Bionetic microarray plates Spec Sheet